My Story

Welcome to my Blog.

The Moye's
Christmas 2015

I am Amy,

a Christian
a Wife
a Mommy
a Homemaker
and an Entreprenuer

It is nice to meet you!


I embarked upon the most adventurous journey of my life on May 5, 2007, the day I married my wonderful husband, Jack.  Along the way our love has overflowed into three precious souls - WD, Ava, and Walt.

Also along the way, I have experienced many seasons.  I gained 40 lbs. in my first pregnancy that I never lost.  I became child-focused, letting myself go.  I felt awful for the whole 9 months in my second pregnancy.  And my third pregnancy resulted in hernia surgery.  Now I've stepped into this season to focus on me again.  Not in a selfish, vain way, but in becoming the wife and mommy God wants me to be.  To experience joy, and not just merely existing day to day.  To sincerely bless others with my talents.

I've put on the hat of entrepreneur
  • to hone new and maintain existing skills, 
  • to provide additional income for my family while staying home, and 
  • to offer products that benefit others.

Welcome to my Etsy store, ahmoye....

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