Tuesday, February 16, 2016

a Color & Counting Wheel

This last week I've been researching correct pencil grip techniques for my poor Kindergartner who struggles immensely with holding his pencil correctly.  In so doing, I stumbled across not only techniques, but fine motor skill activities that aid in the development of hand muscles.  These muscles are necessary for correct pencil grip.  

I chase A LOT of rabbit trails in research.  And I wound up researching Montessori homeschool curricula and activities.

So hence the inspiration behind my first ever busy bag/Montessori/fine motor skills project.  I feel so accomplished!
  • Opening clothes pins works out those hand muscles. 
  • One side is a color matching wheel.
  • The other side is a number matching wheel.

And yes the green/#9 clothes pin is missing.   I left it on the table and was too lazy to retake my pictures. 


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