Friday, August 24, 2012

God Sighting: Homemaker & Secretary

"A man’s heart plans his way,
But the Lord directs his steps."
Proverbs 16:9
Taken from

Against my desires, I have a part-time job.

As our savings dwindled down to nothing, I knew I NEEDED to do SOMETHING, ANYTHING to bring in some income.  My retail gift shop, although successful, hadn't been enough to make ends meet.  And my direct sales adventure had not taken off like I had anticipated.  And we all know that getting a business off the ground usually necessitates more expenses in the beginning.  I have not given up on these two venues.

It was time to seek employment outside the home.  With each click of my mouse, visiting different employment websites, my heart felt squeezed, clenched tighter and tighter.  My eyes burned with tears.  It took every ounce of my being to continue this difficult task because it went against my will to do anything but be a full time homemaker.  Of course this could be debated if someone who is unfamiliar with such demands walked into my home!

What a blessing I have in my two year old son whom I have watched grow every minute of his life.  I have not missed one milestone yet.  He is MY responsibility to raise.  To instill Christian values.  To shepherd in this life.  To give endless amount of kisses throughout the day.  To teach.  To share.  To play with.  To cook for.  To wipe hineys.  I don't want anyone else replacing me!  I don't want to miss one single moment of this (except maybe the occasional middle-of-the-night awakenings!).

I closed my eyes and submitted my application to a temp agency for a part-time church secretary position.  The next day I was called in for an interview.  I drug my feet to get there, didn't prepare, and surely did not want to be there!  A big relief when I didn't have enough proper identification on me to have the interview!

Unawares, this was just the beginning of my God-sighting (a circumstance where God's hand is particularly evident).  I did reschedule the interview - a week later.  I took that time to cry and pray and cry and think and cry and worry and cry and mull things over and cry and debate with myself and cry and . . . .

Then I discovered PEACE!  It's like one night during my quite time with God that it just hit me.  Afterall I had envisioned, in years past, a church secretary position as ideal for various reasons.  And afterall I might could compromise part-time.

This was just the beginning of my peace.  The interview process at the temp agency went incredibly well.  I passed all those dreaded typing tests and Microsoft Office evaluations with a breeze, well exceeding the average percentage required (not to brag).  I connected with the lady, who was quite impressed with my resume, education and experiences.  And of course I easily passed my drug screening and background check.   I learned that I would not have to do payroll!  Although this cut my hours from 16 to 12 hours a week, I would not have to be away from home as much (nor be responsible for such reports!).

The peace completely settled in during the interview process with the church.  My supervisor harbored such sweetness and sincerity, easy to talk with and share concerns.  Why was I even concerned!  She had already thought about my gas mileage and instead of having to come in more days a week with less time each day, I'll come in less days putting in more time.  Freeing up more days to be with Little Jack and the most important day of the work week to take Little Jack to some social activities and for me to participate in a coveted Bible study!

Long story short - God calls and equips.  And now I have 3 part-time jobs - The Gift Barn, Verefina Independent Consultant, and church secretary - and 2 full-time jobs - marriage and motherhood.

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