Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Cloth in the Kitchen

"The wise woman builds her house...." 
Proverbs 14:1

Who uses a whole roll of paper towels in a day?!?

Anyone with a 6 month old who is just beginning to explore food! 

We had been purchasing our Bounty select-a-size paper towels at Sam's Club.  So we were saving money buying in bulk and with the half size sheets.  However, at the rate we were going, we would be spending over $20 every week or so!

So the Moye's adopted the principle of a paperless kitchen in 2011.

You may be saying, by the time you add the cost of enough towels and wash clothes for a few days and detergent and water and electricity to laundry them it would be $20 a week.  I would have to disagree.  I did repurpose plain white hand towels and wash cloths, which saved on that purchase.  But you can purchase in bulk for real cheap.  Besides, bath items are popular at thrift stores and yard sales.  Or just use an old t-shirt or other fabric to serve the purpose.

We already had to do laundry for dish cloths and kitchen towels.  Why not add several more to the load?  No extra time.  No additional hassle.  And not that much more detergent.

Our water bill increased about $3.00 for the month.  But we also began cloth diapering about this time too.

Yes, they do get stained.  But I'm not serving up a 5 course meal with dinner guests.  I do a rinse cycle before the wash to remove some of the stain.  And every once in a while I do an oxy-clean or Clorox presoak and sanitary wash in extra hot water.  Other times I just do a cold wash and extra rinse.  I wash everything with an extra rinse cycle because I have a front loader washer.  I can hardly wait to use up my current detergent, liquid County Save, which is good, to use Green Earth Natural's laundry detergent, which has worked great on cloth diapers for HE washers.

I use to fold them up nice and neat to display them in a lovely homemade basket made by my mother-in-law at More Than Baskets.  Now I just throw the hand towels in one end of the basket and the wash cloths in the other end.  Who has time to be organized and neat with a toddler (and husband ;) )?!?

Once dirty I have been throwing them into a Thirty-One cube (thanks Chad and Natalie Guffey!) I have on top of the washing machine, which is a short distance from the kitchen.  However, a mesh or breathable container would probably work better, reducing the potential of mildew from being wet.   Something total different may be needed if there's a distance between the kitchen and laundry room.

A paperless kitchen has not been nearly as dreadful as I had thought.  It's quite simple actually, with many more benefits:
  • wash cloths clean up dirty toddler faces SO much better
  • and you can use that same cloth to wash the sleep out of their eyes as well as clean up the table
  • cloth towels are so much more absorbent (especially if you do not use fabric softener in the dryer)
  • less waste (less trash for your husband to have to take to the dump; therefore, less nagging for you!)
  • more frugal (more money to spend on things that really matter!)

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