Sunday, January 15, 2012

How to Fall In Love Again in Four Minutes a Day

" not self-seeking." ~ 1 Corinthians 13:5 (NIV)
This year will mark our 5 year wedding anniversary!  I feel that's an accomplishment, especially in this day in time when commitments are based on happiness and self fulfillment.  Love is the hardest and best work I've ever done and will ever do.  I get so excited when I find creative (and often common sense) ways to spice up the love life of this "old married couple."  And to be able to do it in 4 purposeful minutes! 

The 4 Minute Marriage Habit:
How to Fall in Love Again in Four Minutes A Day

It only takes four minutes a day to move into a deeper heart place. Four minutes a day to connect, deepen the communion. Live koinonia.

Who doesn’t want a deeper relationship?

1. Four Focuses

Four times a day focus on the love you vowed. When I leave the marriage bed, leave the front door, when  I return to front door, return to marriage bed. These are the four critical archways of time in our day. Touch or whisper a sweet nothing when passing through these gate points, and we walk into hours of closeness. It’s the focus that makes old love fresh love.

2. Four Embraces

Four times a day, embrace. Embrace fully and hold each other’s eyes. That’s all. Repeat four times daily. The one flesh breathes best when the skin pores are close; connected.

3. Four Affirmations

Four times during the day, thank him.

For working faithfully, for hanging up his towel, for putting gas in the van, for making this heart skip a wild beat. Look for the ways to thank him and watch how he moves closer.
The 4 Minute Marriage Habit to Fall in Love Again:
4 Focuses + 4 Embraces + 4  affirmations = Falling in love all over again

Thank you again Ms. Ann Voskamp at A Holy Experience,, for your insight.

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